Stunning Start & Fabulous Finish

Date: 23rd Oct 2022 @ 3:12pm

Stunning Start & Fabulous Finish

Our Autumn I theme is 'Fighting Fit'. This topic centres all around healthy eating and well-being and our driver subject is Science. The children have spent the last seven weeks investigating different scientific enquiries. Below, are our key enquiry questions:

Identifying & Classifying: What makes a balanced diet?

Identifying and Classifying: Which off-spring belongs to each animal?

Pattern Seeking: Do longer legs make you a faster runner?

Observation Over Time: Do you eat a balanced and healthy diet in a week?

Research: What do animals and humans need to survive?

For their Stunning Start, to introduce the new theme, the children were asked to get creative. They used different images of healthy foods to create some funny fruit and vegatable faces. They looked amazing! 

To summarise and celebrate our amazing learning over the half term, the children took park in an exciting Fabulous Finish. Around the hall, different stations were set up where children had to complete a selection of challenges. There was an egg and spoon race, a sack race, apple bobbing, beanbag toss and a lemon relay. The children had an amazing time completing these food and exercise related challenges and it was a great way to finish off our first theme of Year 2!