Year 5 2020 - 2021

Miss Capper


During the second half of the spring term,
Year 5 will be travelliing back in time to study the


Key Enquiry Questions

1) Where did the early Anglo-Saxons live and how do we know?
2) How and why did the Anglo-Saxons invade Britain?
3) What was life like for Anglo-Saxon’s in Britain?
4) How did the Anglo-Saxons trade and distribute resources?
5) Were Saxon times really ‘Dark’ ages?

Five facinating facts!


1) The Anglo-Saxons are made up of three tribes who came to England from across the North Sea around the middle of the 5th century: the Angles, Saxons and Jutes.


2) The two most famous Anglo-Saxon kings are Alfred the Great and Canute the Great.


3) The Anglo-Saxon period covers about 600 years, and Anglo-Saxon kings ruled England for about 300 years. During this time they formed the basis for the English monarchy and laws.


4) The earliest English kings were Anglo-Saxons, starting with Egbert in the year 802.


5) Some of our modern English words, such as the days of the week, come from the Anglo-Saxon language.


Please see the document callled: 'Curriculum Map Spring 2' to learn more about the activities we will be exploring during this fantastic theme. 


Useful websites to explore

Anglo-Saxons - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize

Anglo-Saxons: facts for kids | National Geographic Kids (

The Anglo-Saxons | TheSchoolRun






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