The National Curriculum 2014 states that “Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity”. Music is an important part of our lives. Our taste in music is something that can bring us together, or make us unique, and it is important that children can develop their own thoughts and opinions in all the different music that is available to us.

The children at Egerton School have opportunities to hear, sing or appreciate music on a daily basis. As a school they enter and leave assemblies to a varied selection of music; classical, popular and multi-cultural being amongst that played. They sing together as a school at the end of each assembly as well as during music lessons. We also have a school choir, kindly led by enthusiastic parents.

Working together is a key skill we all need to develop as we move through life, and music can help to illustrate this. In lessons children are taught the main principles and skills of music. They have the opportunity to express themselves through composition, but also chance to read and perform music composed by others. As each class moves through from Reception to Year 6 these skills are augmented through school trips and visitors coming into school to work with the children as well as performances at Christmas, assemblies and other special times throughout the year. Throughout Year 5 the children have the unique experience of “Wider Opportunities”. Specialist teachers come into school once a week and teach the children to perform as a Wind Ensemble, each child learning to play their own instrument. This culminates at the end of the year with the children performing with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. Children then have the opportunity to continue their tuition in Year 6.

Music For Life Extra Curricular Music Lessons

Across our area there are currently more than three thousand students having lessons through this not-for-profit school programme which has twice been rated "Outstanding" in reports produced by the Department for Education and the Federation of Music Services.  You can register interest via an online form at (there is a useful "Frequently Asked Questions" section at  or you can register interest by emailing or by calling 01978 761162. 

Please note that if there is not a lesson place immediately available for your child's chosen instrument, Music for Life would contact you to inform you of this and your child would then go on a waiting list for lessons to be arranged as soon as possible, probably after Christmas. Courses are offered in school as follows: Piano; Keyboard; Guitar; Ukelele; Violin. Should your child be interested in learning an instrument that isn't listed here, please let Music for Life know and they may be able to help."

Below, you will find the Curriculum and Outcomes attached for this subject.

This document lists how the objectives of the National Curriculum are covered throughout each year group and each half-term. You will also find an overview of the subject areas covered and the key outcomes expected for each child to be considered working at the expected standard.

Alongside this document, staff utilise the vocabulary and skills progression created by subject leaders during their planning and assessment. These progression documents are in place to ensure that all learning is differentiated appropriately, builds upon previous years and leads into the next, and fully covers the National Curriculum and beyond.


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