Year 2 2022 - 2023

Miss Garvey



This half term the children in Year 2 are going to be learning all about The Great Fire of London! In History, they will explore five key enquiry questions that will lead their learning of the topic. The questions are:

  1. How did the Great Fire start?
  2. What happened during the great fire?
  3. How do we know what happened during the great fire?
  4. Why did the fire spread so quickly?
  5. How should we re-build houses to stop the great fire happening again?

The children will begin by learning about the key dates and timeline of events before sequencing the Great Fire. They will explore different sources of evidence to understand how we know so much about the fire as well as use sources of evidence to unpick why the fire spread so quickly.

In Science, the children are going to begin a new unit of learning about everyday materials. They are going to take part in a selection of different investigations such as:

  1. Which materials did we find around our school grounds?
  2. Which material would make the best superhero cape?
  3. Would a paper boat float forever?

Their key objectives include being able to:

Identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses

Find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching

In Art, the children will be exploring the works of artist Paul Klee. They will explore the techniques of his work and how he uses shape and line to create his art. Their focus piece is ‘Castle in the Sun’. The children are going to explore how to create shades and tones of hot and cold colours by adding white to different paints as well as using different sized brushes to create strokes. Once investigated, they will create their own London skyline using different shapes and will paint this using hot or cold colours, different tools and materials.

In Music, the children will be learning a selection of different themed songs around the Great Fire of London. They will also use their new knowledge of simple notation to create their own composition which tells the story of the Great Fire using images and words. They will perform their compositions using un-tuned instruments in small groups. Their thematic songs will also be performed in front of parents in their Fabulous Finish.

To find out more about what the children will be learning this half term, please have a look at the Curriculum Map linked below!

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