Year 2 2020 - 2021

Miss Garvey

United Kingdom

Our theme for this half term is 'The United Kingdom'. The children will learn about the different countries within the UK. This will include labelling their locations on a map and using an atlas to support them in doing this, naming the surrounding the seas and identifying special characteristics of each country including landmarks. Each week they will focus upon a different country within the UK and will be taking part in activities that directly relate. For England they will take part in some art sessions, learning how to draw and sketch their own English rose, they will have a go at following a traditional scottish shortbread recipe to make some of their own, they will use role play to re-tell the story of Finn McCool and will follow along an art tutorial to re-create the iconic Welsh dragon that marks their flag.  

They will use their fieldwork and observational skills to take part in a local walk and from this, create their own local map with an accompanying key. They will also identify simple human and physical features to compare the differences between a city and countryside. At the end of the half term the children will be asked to choose a country from the UK and plan a fictional trip for Barnaby Bear. The trip should detail where Barnaby could visit, fun facts about the location and the cost too. They will present their ideas in their 'Fabulous Finish'. 

The children will be investigating these 5 key questions thorughout their topic, some of which link to their geography learning, whilst others linking to their science topic of 'Plants'.

Where in the world will you find the United Kingdom?

What makes England/Scotland/Wales and Northern Ireland special?

What is the difference between the city and countryside?

Why should Barnaby visit you?

Can plants survive in all conditions?

It is set to be a super exciting theme for our Year 2's and I'm really excited to get started!  





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