Our Stunning Start

Date: 4th Sep 2019 @ 6:21pm

Our Stunning Start 


This afternoon the children were very excited to receive a special letter hidden away in our class treasure box! Inside, the letter told us that Captain Beastlie had lost his key to his snack box! His crew informed us that they key was hidden somewhere in the school grounds and we had to go and find it! The children had an amazing time searching and working as a team to discover the mystery key. Once we found the key we all worked collaboratively to decide the best way to send it back to the ship. We decided that a letter would be the quickest and the cheapest method so the children got to work creating some fabulous letters. 


Once our letters were written, we discovered that we didn't know which 'sea' to send it back to! To solve the problem we decided to look in our atlases and find out which ocean was the closest to us in the UK. Once decided, we packaged our letters up with the special key and posted it. 


The children are very excited to hear back from Captain Beastlie and his crew and to see if they have any more speical missions for us! The stunning start began our work on 'Treasure Island' in a fantastic way by providing the children with a context for learning. The children were all so incredibly enthusiastic about solving the first problem and are also very excited about the learning that is to come this half term. 

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