Summer 1 Week 1


Summer Week 1 

All the information, activities, resources and WAGOLLS you need for your home learning are attached on this page.

I have also written a set of ‘Week 1 instructions’ for you so you can read about each activity. Please read this first as it will help you to understand your challenges and activities.

(The first document is split into Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and then the second document for Thursday and Friday.)

I have written the day of the week at the beginning of every document so you know when each activity or challenge will be completed.

Please listen to my morning message every morning via Seesaw. 


If you are struggling with accessing any of the challenges or resources then please let me know via Seesaw.

If you are struggling to print, then please don’t worry. All the activities can be completed in your green book. (You will also be sent a blue maths book soon.)

Files to Download