2010 Visits

Egerton Primary Schools’ Partnership decided to embark on ‘back-to-back’ visits in 2010. This was to enable both schools to immediately build on from what was achieved in the first visit during the second. In February 2010 Mrs Hooper, Mrs Robertson (Class 2) and Miss Prince (Reception) joined nine other colleagues to travel to Kenya together. The Headteacher and a teacher from Wincham Primary School and a teacher from Middlewich Primary were part of the group as well as Multiflex coaches. The visit was a huge success. The Egerton staff were involved in solo and team teaching centred around their partnership’s joint project of Food. Mrs Hooper spent time with Mrs Kimani the Headteacher and Governors focusing on School Development Planning, Safeguarding, Finance and Governance.

As a result of this visit nine other Cheshire Schools are now linked to schools in the Njoro District of Kenya. Mrs Kimani will be working closely with her colleagues to support them in their next steps, as will Mrs Hooper be supporting her Cheshire colleagues.