Stunning Start & Fabulous Finish

Date: 14th Dec 2022 @ 3:38pm

Our Autumn II theme has been 'All Around the World'. This topic centres all around exploring hot and cold places of the world and the animals that live within them.The children have spent the last seven weeks investigating different enquiries. Below, are our key enquiry questions:

What would I pack for a visit to a very hot or cold place? 


What is it like in the world's hot and cold places?


Where are the world’s hot & cold places?


Where can I find out about hot & cold places?


How do animals adapt to hot & cold places?


How can I describe what it is like in a hot or cold place?

For their Stunning Start, to introduce the new theme, the children were asked to help out Barnaby Bear. He wanted to visit a very hot place and a very cold place on holiday and he needed help packing his suitcase. The children had to sort different clothing and accessories into a hot and cold suitcase. 

To summarise and celebrate our amazing learning over the half term, the children took park in an exciting Fabulous Finish. For their creative homework, the children were asked to choose a famous landmark from anywhere in the world and create a sculpture of it. We had all sorts of incredible creations from the leaning tower of Piza to the Golden Gate bridge. We even had a pyramid sculpture made out of cake! The children loved sharing their learning about their chosen landmark. They also took part in an exciting quiz all about their learning from the half term. 

The children had an amazing time this afternoon and it was a great way to finish off our second theme of Year 2!