Stunning Start & Fabulous Finish Spring I

Date: 17th Feb 2023 @ 3:09pm

Our Spring I theme has been the 'Great Fire of London'. This topic centres all around learning about the key events of the Great Fire in 1666. The children have spent the last seven weeks investigating different historical enquiry questions. Below are the key questions: 

1.      How did the Great Fire start?

2.      What happened during the great fire?

3.      How do we know what happened during the great fire?

4.      Why did the fire spread so quickly?


For their Stunning Start, to introduce our new amazing theme, the children were given some mystery envelopes. Inside each envelope, there were a selection of mysterious pieces of evidence such as photographs, paintings and maps. Each of the evidence gave us clues and information about the Great Fire to help us begin investigating our topic. The children loved exploring the evidence and seeing what information each piece gave us. 

To summarise this half terms amazing learning, the children had their Fabulous Finish. Parents were invited into school to watch the children perform their 'Great Fire of London' play. For this, the children had been given lines to practice and they each dressed up as different people from London in 1666. In music, they had been learning 3 amazing Great Fire of London songs, so we also performed these to the parents within the play. For their creative homework, the children were asked to create a delicious pudding that may have been seen on 'Pudding Lane'. The children brought these in to share for their Fabulous Finish so we had a full table of yummy treats. As well as this, all of the children's books were displayed out on tables for parents and their chilld to look at, as well as a museum of the Great Fire of London artwork that children have completed this half term, inspired by Paul Klee's 'Castle in the Sun.' 

Year 2 and their parents had such a wonderful afternoon and it was a real celebration of all the children's hard work this half term!