Refugee Buzz Session and Stunning Start

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 4:30pm

The first theme that Year 6 explore is Refugees and Asylum Seekers. 

Buzz Session

The children looked at the Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr who uses natural materials to create pictures of Refugees in different circumstances. He creates the pictures from what he has seen in his home country.
We studied his artwork and then used our local environment to create our own pictures in his style.

Taking this one step further, Year 6 then read a number of diary entries written by children who had become Aslyum Seekers, Migrants and Refugees. They then used natural materials (with a brusho background) to tell the stories of these children. This allowed the children to create questions that they would like to explore throughout the theme. 


Stunning Start

The stunning start centred around the children being forced to suddenly flee their homes; only being able to take 8 items each. They left as a family group and at various points they lost their belongs, suffered injuries and had to make extremely challenging decisions. The aim of the activity was for the children to get a slight glimps into the lives of many people around the world and to start to understand and question this. The children then wrote a diary to share their own stories similar to the enteries we read during the Buzz session.

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