Date: 20th Mar 2015 @ 7:34am

Weird and wild animals


Flies in the sky

Sheep like to creep

Bats throw mats

Beaver like to be leaders

Parrots jump on carrots

Foxes eat boxes

Moles are scared of holes

Hares like the fair

Snakes live in cakes

Mice eat lice and ice

Pigs wear wigs

Goats sail boats

Eels like to sit on peels

Ants in your pants

Snakes have tummy aches

Sharks like to bark

Lions like to iron

Sheep like to sleep

Bears run the fair

Cats wear hats

Snakes like to bake

Dogs like the fog

Monkeys like to be funky

Goats dance on ropes

Flies fly in the breezy sky

Slugs keep rugs

Sharks live in the dark

Hares like to eat pears

Bees buzz around trees

Slugs like hugs

Frogs sit on dogs

Pigs don’t like playing tig


Written by Year 1. Inspired by 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray and Jim Field


Watch the video below to see us perform 'Food Glorious Food'...

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