Go Wild Stunning Start!

Date: 7th Nov 2020 @ 9:51am

Our Stunning Start! 

This week we came back to school with a bang! The children began their learning on 'Living things and their habitats'. We began our stunning start by looking at an image of a polar bear from the book 'The Journey Home'. On their whiteboards, the children recorded their ideas on how they thought the polar bear was feeling and why. From this, we read the story and began to unpick why the polar bear was feeling so sad and lonley to which we discovered it was because he didn't have a home anymore. 

The children watched some David Attenborough videos and studied two NASA ice cap images to reveal how much the Arctic has changed in the last 30 years. We discussed together why this might be the case and what we could do as a class to help prevent this moving forward. The children were so enthusiastic to brainstorm ideas and begin to think of practical strategies to help climate change. They will be continuing to explore and investigate this throughout the half term. 

To help visualise the children's understanding of climate change we conducted a science experiment too. We put several blocks of ice into two different bowls, placed one of the bowls under the radiator and one into the freezer and observed what happened over the afternoon. The children were incredibly curious and shocked at the difference between how the ice changed in both bowls just in an afternoon and this helped underpin their understanding.

They are all very excited about the learning that is to come in this half term all about animals!