Go Wild Fabulous Finish!

Date: 16th Dec 2020 @ 7:44pm

Fabulous Finish! 

This half term has been truly wonderful for Year 2. They have loved learning all about animals including about suitable habitats, food chains and how animals have adapted to suit their habitat. Over the half term they have taken part in an investigation to see what they could find in a microhabitat. They also transferred this tally data into a bar chart.

For their fabulous finish the children shared some of their favourite parts about the theme. As well as this they shared their 'creative homework' project. They were asked to choose an animal and create a fact file all about it! This afternoon the children shared their fact files with many different children. They had such pride in all of their learning and they enjoyed teaching their peers afterwards about what they had learnt from the session. 


Well done Year 2!