Beeston Day Three

Date: 12th May 2018 @ 9:57pm

Today was our last day at Beeston and it was a fantastic way to finish our trip! We began our day with a filling breakfast and after that, sadly we had to pack up ready to head off to the ice cream farm. The children packed their suitcases and stripped their beds, so that other children could enjoy the centre next week. We boarded the coach and arrived at the ice cream farm – the children were very excited! Our first activity was to practice our golfing skills. In our previous term, the children learnt how to correctly hold a golf club and used different techniques to hit the ball, putting was used a lot! Some children even managed a hole in one! After a quick trip round the farm and a delicious lunch it was time for our final activity the sand and water play. This was a great chance for children to celebrate all that they had done and spend some quality time with their friends investigating capacity, forces and gravity (and most of all – having a lot of fun). To finish what has been a brilliant residential the children had an ice cream, I think all children would agree they have had a wonderful time! Well done Year Two for being incredibly mature. Get lots of rest and see you Monday!

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Sophie (Amy’s mummy) wrote:

What an amazing trip!! Like you know I was a little worried about Amy going but I honestly think this trip is such an amazing experience and they are very lucky children.
Thanks you all again for making this trip possible and showing Amy such a good time. She has said a few times she’s wants to do it all over again 😀

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